AD Dal Pozzo chooses Montecarlo as the location of its first concept store: a space where you can personally select and touch the design icons that will make your garage unique

Debox – Change the way you live your Garage

Design Box was born to conceive and design luxurious garages, combining style and passion for engines, in an environment that is one-of-a-kind, as it is tailored to suit your tastes. In the Design Box, cars and motorcycles are the core of a space that is personalized to minutia, which is designed for you to work on them, show them, exhibit them or simply admire them, surrounded by everything that ensures the maximum comfort and pleasure for you, for your motors, for your guests. A domestic experience so far never imagined made possible thanks to our partnerships with 3D Beta, Technogym, Miele, Berkel and our best Design brands.

project and concept