New shapes for a modern country house. The client’s wish was clear: to completely renovate his house. This is why he left great creative freedom to the architects of AD Dal Pozzo, who were able to overcome the constraints of designing in an agricultural area to create a new country villa with swimming pool – where a ruin had stood – that would bring the surrounding greenery indoors.


From country house to modern villa with swimming pool (and garden)

The architecture is free to blend in with nature. The project is defined by an articulated plan that modernises the traditional appearance of the country house and is capable of providing new glimpses of the landscape. In this way, the designers of AD Dal Pozzo – in collaboration with architect Giovanni Fattori – conceived a graft of two full volumes with a void, so as to connect the interiors to a large porch, where it is possible to dine outdoors and warm up thanks to the outdoor fireplace integrated into the architecture.


New villa with porch

The design of the modern country house involved the client at every stage, starting with the moodboard. As a first step, the designers explored the client’s tastes through inspirational images, which portrayed the desired materials and colours. Right from the start it was clear that they wanted to take up the stylistic canons of the villa with porch, through the use of traditional elements that have been reworked in a modern key: the porch transfigures the classic arch form into a broken and dynamic portal, covered with giant sunshades, while the greenhouse becomes a bioclimatic space, capable of efficiently regulating the internal temperature.

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In the preliminary phase, the distributional choices concerning the spaces took shape. The subdivision of the house into the two volumes – connected by the large porch – was defined so that the ground floor houses the kitchen and living room while the first floor accommodates the bedrooms. In the subsequent final phase, the use of traditional mattes was confirmed, from cocciopesto for the floors to brick aggregates for the plaster. Finally, in the executive phase, the structural and plant engineering drawings were drawn up, as well as an economic timetable to ensure the building site was completed on time and on budget.

AD Studio

The AD Studio design team is a unique structure of its kind, which harmoniously integrates skills, disciplines and visions, to outline complete and refined concepts. The synergy between AD Dal Pozzo’s internal design team and a selected network of professionals and companies of the highest professional importance, allows for deep, broad and innovative levels of intervention that combine architecture and engineering with interior design.