Steel villa. White sails reaching upwards and carving out pieces of sky along the city horizon. Harmonious fusion of bioclimatic architecture and design. A project about creating a sustainable living solution in an urban context.

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The construction of this building follows the principles of bioclimatic architecture, taking into consideration the surrounding environmental characteristics in order to make the best use of resources and strive for total energy self-sufficiency. Building with this in mind allows the needs of the clients to be integrated with the external environment in order to constitute a high level of living wellbeing.

The sails of the elevations – up to 5 metres high – are suspended and have no points of contact with the flooring on the lower floor. This choice derives from the desire to generate a double layer that controls the microclimate inside the building and, at the same time, provides maximum privacy for the residents. The large windows take advantage of the sun’s contribution by creating a thermal flywheel for a low energy impact, both in the warm months and in winter.

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The futuristic forms of the building are possible thanks to the use of Manni Green Tech’s Light Steel Frame, a technology that uses steel elements produced off-site. This construction method creates structures that are extremely resistant to atmospheric agents and environmental stresses, drastically reducing construction time thanks to assembling them directly on site.

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“Circular design is the conceptual definition that describes the construction processes of this steel villa,” explains architect Giovanni Fattori. “We are faced with a construction that gives continuity and coherence to the entire building, both architecturally and in terms of interior design. Witness the bespoke kitchen designed by AD Dal Pozzo, which acts as a ‘bridge’ between interior and exterior.

The furnishings, chosen and selected by AD Dal Pozzo, are in tune with the forms and the philosophy of eco-sustainability that define the housing. In the entrance, the limited edition Utrecht armchairs by Cassina echo the geometries that characterise the building; the sofas in the Soriana collection designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa are made of eco-friendly materials, while the Carlotta chairs by Cassina are made of teak and recycled PET fabric. Wood-aluminium window and door frames, Listone Giordano’s oak flooring and Florim’s stoneware flooring embellish the rooms, giving a natural soul to the spaces. Lastly, fine porcelain stoneware in the wellness area is best combined with large waterfall showers.

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The project is a clear example of integrated design promoted by Studio Fattori within Ottagono – AD Dal Pozzo’s business unit committed to architecture – in which the advantages of BIM design and the potential of Light Steel Frame technology by Manni Green Tech, realised by Costruire Leggero, both Ottagono’s technical partners.

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The project was presented at Rebuild Milano, one of the most important conferences on environmental sustainability in the architectural field, and is also featured in an article in the trade magazine DentroCasa (issue 273, August 2022). You can read it by clicking on the cover image below.

copertina rivista Dentro Casa agosto 2022 con pubblicazione AD Dal Pozzo villa in acciaio

AD Studio

The AD Studio design team is a unique structure of its kind, which harmoniously integrates skills, disciplines and visions, to outline complete and refined concepts. The synergy between AD Dal Pozzo’s internal design team and a selected network of professionals and companies of the highest professional importance, allows for deep, broad and innovative levels of intervention that combine architecture and engineering with interior design.