The strength of the project lies in the deep understanding of the architectural layout and the precise definition of the construction details. An old farmhouse has been renovated by the Fattori Studio in collaboration with the designers of AD Dal Pozzo, with the aim of creating an architecture of unquestionable flair, enhanced by technological solutions.

Aesthetics and technology

The first design shapes every single element. Everything has been taken care of with the utmost attention, and the targeted interventions have been carried out in a professional manner in order to preserve and innovate the precious and timeless aesthetics of the old farmhouse.

The historic building has been renovated both aesthetically and energetically: the installations and insulation benefit from the latest technology, each element works in perfect synergy with the entire environment, adapting the style of a highly complex project to an incredible setting.

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Elegant contemporaneity

For the interior, the designers have chosen a few materials that recur throughout the house: oak floors, raw iron, extra-clear etched glass and natural stone with a textured finish.

The wall surfaces have been restored with great care. The materiality of the exposed brickwork is reminiscent of an era of ancient charm, while the lighting details and the careful and deliberate choice of furnishings give the farmhouse an elegant contemporary feel, defining relaxing and refined environments.

AD Studio

The AD Studio design team is a unique structure of its kind, which harmoniously integrates skills, disciplines and visions, to outline complete and refined concepts. The synergy between AD Dal Pozzo’s internal design team and a selected network of professionals and companies of the highest professional importance, allows for deep, broad and innovative levels of intervention that combine architecture and engineering with interior design.