The strength of the project is characterized by a deep understanding of the architectural structure and the accurate definition of the construction detail. The contrast between the materiality in view given by the brick walls and the domestic use of the house mark an impact that recalls an era gone by, the details given by the lighting and a careful and conscious choice of furnishings preclude a certain secure temporal definition, returning it to the boundaries of timelessness.

Everything was taken care of with the utmost attention, the initial project had to define every single element given the particular aesthetic requirement and the interventions had to be targeted and performed in a workmanlike manner. The installations and insulation benefit from all the cutting-edge technologies, any element works perfectly in synergy with the whole environment, regulating the style of a project of very high complexity and with an incredible setting.

AD Service

The AD Service design team is a unique structure of its kind, which harmoniously integrates skills, disciplines and visions, to outline complete and refined concepts. The synergy between AD Dal Pozzo’s internal design team and a selected network of professionals and companies of the highest professional importance, allows for deep, broad and innovative levels of intervention that combine architecture and engineering with interior design.