opere d'arte contemporanea in vendita nello shop di AD Dal Pozzo

Contemporary works of art in Interior Design

Contemporary works of art for sale in the AD Dal Pozzo shop. Original paintings and works of art at home create an unexpected alchemy capable of shaking the soul. Furniture and contemporary art come together in design projects, proving to be investments that acquire value over time, a chance to make emotions and dreams into places to live.

opere d'arte contemporanea arredano la casa
opere d'arte contemporanea, Miniature Serena, Carole Feuerman

Online art gallery

AD Dal Pozzo si distingue per l’offerta esclusiva che la rende AD Dal Pozzo is distinguished by an exclusive offer that makes it a true online art gallery. The collaboration with leading contemporary art galleries in Europe gives rise to a rich selection that includes international and emerging contemporary artists from different artistic currents. These partnerships highlight a shared value that AD Dal Pozzo will never stop promoting: Beauty.

opere d'arte contemporanea quadro ritratto
opere d'arte contemporanea quadro astratto

Contemporary artworks in your living room


Glimpses of colour that represent the soul and genius of the artist. Lines and shapes that reflect the character of those who choose to experience the vibrations of original art paintings in their home.


Impalpable drawings that only a curious mind can grasp. Secret meanings, revealed by the depth of the colours.


Snapshots of places fixed in an eternal moment. Horizons that smell like botanical landscapes, urban perspectives that shape our view of the world.


Unique faces in which everyone’s humanity is reflected. Sense of universal belonging and wonder combined in vivid painted expressiveness.

opere d'arte contemporanea shop AD Dal Pozzo quadri astratti
opere d'arte contemporanea shop AD Dal Pozzo quadri di paesaggi
opere d'arte contemporanea shop AD Dal Pozzo quadri ritratti


Works of art at home to nourish oneself with Beauty, to touch forms of creativity that embody emotions and evolutions of the soul.

opere d'arte contemporanea shop AD Dal Pozzo sculture