The design soul has always described and embellished the work of AD Dal Pozzo, the design and study of the environments is applied to the needs and ways of life to always create unique places and in full harmony with the soul of those who live there.

Emotional phase


The moodboard collects suggestions to restore the atmosphere and style of a project. A collection of images and details that represent the designer’s sources of inspiration and develop solutions capable of interpreting, enhancing and defining the environment from a stylistic point of view. It is at this moment that the concept of the project comes out.


Preliminary draft

After confirming the moodboard proposal, the distribution choices relating to the spaces are made. The paths and furnishings are embodied in a first proposal: it is time that the main features of the idea take shape. The project consists of two-dimensional and three-dimensional planimetric tables.

decision phase


Once the previous phases have been approved and shared, a work step follows that examines in detail the macro and micro details of the design.
Like a zoom, the analysis enters into the definition of the architectural, structural and technical aspects, defines the interior in the choices of furniture and finishes, studies the distribution of the internal and external systems, the floors and paths, the selection of the essences they create the external scenography and the elements that enrich it.

shipbuilding phase

Executive project

Once the preliminary design is confirmed and the details defined, the preliminary executive project is drawn up for the workers involved in the construction of the work. The designer becomes the customer’s only contact person, the staff who support him deal directly with the suppliers and coordinate the various workers according to the phases required by the project, delivered on time and defined with the customers.

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