The project stems from the desire to enhance the classical nature of the environment, as suggested by the decorative wooden frieze separating the living room from the dining room. The choices made by the interior designers of AD Dal Pozzo fit into the space with discretion and style, succeeding in emphasising the general idea of the project: the striving for a timeless, suspended atmosphere.

arredamento classico moderno fregio in legno antico

A Classical Modern furnishing: how to combine the two styles

Emblem of classic modern furnishing is the white leather sofa, a mix of contemporary forms and artisanal style. While the materials of the architecture emphasise the historical nature of the villa – such as the stone of the fireplace or the wood of the parquet and the frieze – the furnishings show more minimalist lines, as in the sofas, but also in the tables and coffee tables, where the glass further enhances the feeling of modernity and lightness.

fregi decorativi in legno e divano in pelle

3D damask wallpaper as a decorative element

In harmonious contrast to the minimalist lines and finishes, the 3D wallpaper was specifically chosen to recall antique wall decorations. A detail that recalls the style of the antique wooden frieze and blends perfectly into the context, becoming an irresistible optical reminder.

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The design adopted is the perfect example of how an in-depth knowledge of textures, materials, finishes and brands can be blended with an understanding of the project’s surroundings and the client’s needs to create comfortable and surprising solutions.

bagno decor classico moderno

Mattia Cudiferro


An architect with strong creative, organizational and communication skills. Which are supported by extensive experience in creating custom designs for all types of environments. His conception of space is modern and current with furniture proposals that always meet clients’ expectations.