Art and design meet in a signature residence. The designers of AD Dal Pozzo manage to tell a story in every corner of the house, where works of art become a trait d’union between architecture and interior design, also thanks to an Enlightened clientele.

Design objects are juxtaposed with eccentric and irreverent elements of contemporary art. Paintings, sculptures and photographs light up the environment like a piece of jewellery does on an outfit. And as on occasions when wearing a piece of jewellery, the interior designers at AD Dal Pozzo have taken care to achieve the perfect combination.


Arte gallery at home

Combining art and design implies careful research into materials, fabrics, shapes. Both because the works must truly soar in the space, and also because the ultimate relationship between colour tones must be proportionate. In this case, the residence becomes an emotional promenade where each room has its own personality, but at the same time is linked to the other rooms by a distinctive style.

From the living room to the kitchen, via the bedrooms, one finds oneself in front of an art gallery. Design elements intertwine and are juxtaposed with objects that seem to come to life. The refined and eclectic atmosphere leads back to a well-defined conceptual analysis: each component is placed according to precise criteria, in harmony with everything around it.

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How to blend art with design

The featured works of art become the main focus of the environment, without stealing the show. The meticulous choice of each element, combined with the customised design, has created a unique atmosphere, where colour and liveliness come together to create an immersive experience between art and design.

Thus a statue and a pop art painting are juxtaposed with Snoopy and Taccia lamps by Flos, and the sinuous lines of Roly Poly chairs by Driade and Wiggle Chair by Vitra blend with the shapes of anthropomorphic sculptures. Seletti’s ironic mirror reflects the pure beauty of a project in which AD Dal Pozzo’s interior designers were able to express the client’s passions, proclivities and persona.

Cinzia Boffo

Interior designer with a natural gift in knowing how to read the practical and functional aspects of any kind of home. The contamination of different styles and the understanding of the different ways of living a home are her real strengths. In addition to a strong passion for art.