In the heart of the city, a renovated attic has been transformed into a duplex where light is the protagonist and the concept of a home merges with that of an art gallery.

The house is defined by a double height with a balcony and a terrace with large French windows. Architectural elements that AD Dal Pozzo’s designers have highlighted through the use of light tones that illuminate the space and enhance the colours of the furnishings and works of art present.

The result is an airy, floating and luminous environment. The white surfaces and natural materials such as wood are perfect for providing a neutral canvas for the artistic elements and furnishings that populate the house.

Art and design gallery

All design pieces have been carefully selected for their iconic value and ability to dialogue with the artistic context. One of the stars of the living room is the Extrasoft freestanding sofa by Living Divani. A comfortable seat and a place to contemplate the works on display in the house.

The interior project is characterised by a choice of minimalist design, with clean, geometric lines. The emblem of this is the Knoll marble table designed by Eero Saarinen, surrounded by pure solid wood seats by Carl Hansen. It all adds up to a modern and elegant taste that creates a harmonious and functional layout.

The attic is filled with paintings and sculptures. The large double-height walls have been used to display large paintings, while custom-made shelving has been installed to house unique pieces.

All the works are enhanced by the interior design choices. Even the lighting was carefully studied by the designers at AD Dal Pozzo, who chose directional spotlights and recessed LED lighting to highlight the art without creating distracting shadows.

Urban outdoor

Hedges have been planted around the terrace to create a green oasis that blends in with the surrounding urban context. An outdoor lounge and dining area becomes a natural extension of the house. Light connects indoor and outdoor spaces in a place of artistic expression and culture, where everyday life blends harmoniously with a love of art and beauty.

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Roberta Professione

Interior Designer Roberta Professione AD Dal Pozzo

A competent interior designer with a unique and recognisable style. A refined and elegant taste that can be seen in each of his interventions, always in search of a harmony between places and the soul of their inhabitants, between tangible furniture and intangible atmosphere.