The project stemmed from an old laundry room, part of a building dating back to the 1970s, a space that needed to be given imagination but above all the dignity of a home, without changing its structure. At the same time, the client wanted an atelier house that was deeply personal. A challenge that the designers of AD Dal Pozzo undertook with creative decisions in terms of both architecture and interior design.

AD Dal Pozzo progetto interior venezia

Progeto AD Dal Pozzo interior

Atelier House: attic amidst art and design

The Atelier House takes its name from the client, a collector of art and exclusive design pieces. To display and enhance the interior, the project developed devices to remove obstructive elements and make the use of spaces more fluid and open, such as the vaulted ceiling, from which the central column was removed and replaced by a stiffened Cor-ten steel beam, allowing a large open space in the centre of the house.

Sculptures and design classics enrich the airy and elegant spaces of the attic, while the transparency of the new glazed rooms communicates a perceptive and emotional thrust towards the outside.

Renovation and design enhancement

The old barrel ceiling of the living room is flanked by two opposing glass and steel showcases. A complex intervention on the top floor of a building that increases the living space and enriches the project with two new rooms defined by modern materials.

The perspectives created by the architectural interventions support the design choices, including that of highlighting the difference between round and square, between old and new, between industrial chic and bright colours: hence the attention to detail in the furnishings, an essential prerogative of AD Dal Pozzo, who wanted to create unexpected relationships between inside and outside. As in the bedroom, which leads directly to a private loggia furnished with armchairs and a coffee table. An intimate outdoor space.

Claudio Tomasello

Interior Designer Claudio Tomasello

An architect from the AD Dal Pozzo team with a marked propensity for the composition of spaces, finishing details and light design. He has a strong aesthetic sense that has led him several times to mix contemporary styles with classic styles, putting them in the same light, without ever forgetting the continuous confrontation with the customer and his expectations.