Impressive formal order, elegance, daring refinement. In the project for a two-storey urban villa, AD Dal Pozzo’s designers have worked on the architectural side, first and foremost through the distribution of spaces on the ground floor, organised by black parallelepipeds that divide the rooms into living, dining, kitchen and study areas.

A bold modern style is immediately apparent, in which the client’s personality can be recognised by the choice of orange as the dominant design element. In general, the various autumnal tones give warmth and harmony to the rooms and blend in with the different types of flooring used in the house, from the parquet flooring in the interior and on the veranda to the rougher wood and stone of the exterior.

living pareti finitura nera
sala da pranzo con lapada tom dixon

A flair for style and originality

Upstairs, the design takes a different direction, with the predominance of blue and green giving the sleeping area a sense of tranquillity and finesse. In the master bedroom, the protagonist is the monumental Baxter bed, set against a wallpaper in the same shade of blue. In front of it, the emerald-green Cappellini chair, with its folds reminiscent of an elegant capitonné, adds a touch of originality.

AD Dal Pozzo’s design skilfully combines very contemporary features – such as the black finishes – with refined details – such as the light fittings. This balance of bold and refined elements helps to create a unique and fascinating atmosphere in the home, where colour contrasts are accentuated by furniture elements selected for their iconicity

poltrona cappellini verde-letto baxter blu
outdoor cucina esterna

Timeless icons

Throughout the project, there are iconic pieces of furniture that lend personality and character to the spaces. The Lounge Chair by Vitra and the Moletta by Riva1920 make the studio a place to feel inspired, while the Standard sofa by Edra and the Archibald armchair by Poltrona Frau add a further level of elegance and comfort to the living room.

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Claudio Tomasello

Interior Designer Claudio Tomasello

An architect from the AD Dal Pozzo team with a marked propensity for the composition of spaces, finishing details and light design. He has a strong aesthetic sense that has led him several times to mix contemporary styles with classic styles, putting them in the same light, without ever forgetting the continuous confrontation with the customer and his expectations.