The project stems from an old laundry, part of a building dating back to the 1970s, a space that needed creativity but above all a certain dignity of home, without changing its structure. Right from the start, the will of a functional architectural intervention was perceived, subject to customizations aimed at achieving the most convincing solution. The project has therefore developed adaptations aimed at eliminating the elements of obstruction and making the use of spaces more fluid and open, such as the vaulted ceiling from which the central pillar has been removed and replaced by a stiffened Cor-ten steel beam. The result is a large living room, where the old barrel ceiling is flanked by two opposing glass and steel cabinets, defined by as many shelters: intimacy and cheerfulness enliven a space in which every piece of furniture is a small tale.

Design culture and classics enrich the airy and elegant spaces of the attic, while the transparency of the new environments communicates a perceptive and emotional push towards the outside. Just observe the terrace: an enigmatic aura is released by the Nemo armchair, the result of the ineffable imaginations of Fabio Novembre. This solution is in contrast with the choice of emphasizing the difference between round and square, between old and new, between industrial chic and minimal. Hence the attention to the details of the furnishings, an essential prerogative for AD Dal Pozzo, a dynamic reality and point of reference for lovers of Italian design and high-end furniture.