In a renovated old farmhouse, the interior designers of AD Dal Pozzo expressed the country chic style desired by the client. The beams were restored and whitewashed, and wood was used as the main material for the parquet flooring, tables and doors of the new villa.

The large rooms of the farmhouse emphasise natural materials. The stone of the exterior cladding returns in some of the interior focal points, such as the wall above the kitchen, while the rough wood alternates with the white wood of the beams and the dining table. The colours follow the tones of the stone and include cold shades such as grey and taupe, which alternate on the first floor with brighter colours, from light blue to purple in the rooms.

Contemporary country chic

The farmhouse is located in the Euganean Hills. The country chic decor is inspired by the traditional essence of the country house, with simple and natural materials, to which the interior designers of AD Dal Pozzo have added modern elements, such as the large openings overlooking the countryside.

Outside, a wooden terrace with a touch of Corten becomes the extension of the interior to the outdoor, for which particular attention has been paid to the colours and the lighting design, which enhances the architectural forms even at night.


Lighting Effects

Lighting in the house enhances its rustic feel. The light brings out the grain of the stone and natural materials. In the evening, the atmosphere is warmed by Louis Poulsen’s atmospheric outdoor lighting, and the patio becomes the ideal environment to enjoy nature en plein air.

In the living area, a Tolomeo da terranera was chosen to contrast with the bleached exposed beams, which are alternated with square LED spotlights. In the kitchen, the Flos spotlights are white, but the play of contrasts continues with their orthogonal arrangement in relation to the beams. Small touches that make the room more dynamic and modern.


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