A designe penthouse that echoes the modern spirit of its owner. Personal Designer Cinzia Boffo guided her client through a unique experience that led her to realise their desire for a home on the top floor of an elegant building.

The result is an elegant, convivial atmosphere where all the elements interact. Each area is characterised by the careful placement of furniture, plants and contemporary works. Design pieces such as the Cassina armchairs and the Edra sofa mix with the beauty of art.

AD Dal Pozzo PROJECT Department and its importance

The living room becomes the focal point: the eye lingers on each material. The softness of the fabric on the sofa, the warmth of the parquet, the texture of the surfaces: these are the choices made by Personal Designer Cinzia Boffo, combined with the technical expertise of the Project Department.

AD Dal Pozzo’s personalised design proposal is in fact the product of the Project Department, the company’s technical division, made up of a team of architects capable of managing the project at all levels, with customised elements and attention to detail. An example of this is the wall in the living room in which the TV is embedded, customised with a very elegant wood panel, designed to blend in perfectly with the furnishings.

EXCLUSIVE and tailor-made materials

Italian herringbone parquet is used throughout the attic rooms. In the master bedroom, wood is the dominant feature, appearing in the floor, the boiserie and the walk-in wardrobe in a range of shades that harmonise with each other to give depth to the design and artistic elements in the room.

The walk-in wardrobe and bathroom are works of the highest craftsmanship and technical precision, reflecting the experience of the Project Department. Marble, wood and light are combined to enhance the materiality of the spaces and make them elegant and refined

Cinzia Boffo

Interior designer with a natural gift in knowing how to read the practical and functional aspects of any kind of home. The contamination of different styles and the understanding of the different ways of living a home are her real strengths. In addition to a strong passion for design.