A design office in a historic villa. What could be better than working in an evocative and fascinating neoclassical building? AD Dal Pozzo took care of the interior design of an associated studio based in an ancient Florentine residence, where aesthetic taste is harmoniously combined with functional requirements. The result? A historic villa characterised by modern and elegant office furnishings.


Elegant office furniture in eclectic style

The restyling of the villa shows both respect for the past and a projection towards the contemporary. The staircase block has been preserved, while the rest of the interior has been entirely renovated. The aim of AD Dal Pozzo’s designers was to approach the architecture with measured design choices that were able to combine the aesthetics of the villa with the practicality of its intended use.

Some of the most iconic brands were chosen, mixed with balance with more contemporary products. The entrance opens onto an institutional and elegant atrium, where classic and modern meet with the leather Chester sofa and two green Panton chairs. Elegant office furniture, enhanced by the grain of the onyx coffee table.

Office furniture in tune with Architecture

The interior designers’ proposal includes a selection of exclusive office furniture, while paying the utmost attention to harmony with the architectural context, avoiding the risk of obscuring it. For the offices, the inspiration was to maintain a low profile, embodied in a clean, linear style for the operative areas and in the use of colour to enhance the executive spaces and meeting rooms.

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Each environment is defined by the strictly black chairs alternating with the different colours of the drawer units, which vary from beige to red and green. The use of colour distinguishes all the rooms, where there are also sturdy, light tables and different types of iconic lamps. The first floor is adorned with a modern chandelier and one of the world’s most recognisable table lamps. Light, colour and open space help the interior design project to find its own style, one that does not weigh down the rooms and ensures the functional usability suitable for an office.

Lisa Miotello

architetto lisa miotello

Architect with a marked creativity. She combines contemporary aesthetic sense with a perfect knowledge of classical architecture. The result is a unique ability to successfully create and revitalize spaces in need of a concrete and fascinating style imprint.