A green villa, literally nestled into the hillside. The project is inspired by the surrounding landscape, the real protagonist: a gentle slope that opens up to the infinite space of the valley and the Alps on the horizon. With this in mind, the architect Giovanni Fattori, in collaboration with the designers of AD Dal Pozzo, has developed a concept that draws on the natural elements of the landscape, making them an integral part of the building. It is one of the best italian 100 PROJECTS of 2022, selected at the Regula Award ceremony in Rome.

The hill, with its green mantle, becomes the roof of the villa. The result is a form that embraces the panorama and is also able to capture the sunlight through an architectural incision along the main axis of the building, in the centre of which an underground courtyard is carved into the rock.

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Tailor-made interior design

The architecture creates an unmistakable and at the same time ‘organic’ signature that blends in with the hilly landscape. Inside, the AD Dal Pozzo’s interior designers opted for a minimalist approach, focusing on bespoke elements that are integrated into the architecture and functional according to the client’s wishes.

A good example of this is the bespoke kitchen, with an island that becomes a convivial space overlooking the internal courtyard. The adjoining fireplace is also a modern bespoke solution that creates an interesting, relaxing ambience close to the living room.


Villa in the countryside: the relationship with nature

The interiors, built with materials that evoke nature, are always flooded with natural light. In fact, every room in the villa has a relationship with the outside world, thanks to the large, uninterrupted windows overlooking the surrounding countryside.

With this in mind, the project has created a series of outdoor spaces that become real rooms within the house: the portico, which at its widest point has a teak table surrounded by seats for summer gatherings, and the stone-clad patio, which defines an open-air yet private space.


Cinzia Boffo

Interior designer with a natural gift in knowing how to read the practical and functional aspects of any kind of home. The contamination of different styles and the understanding of the different ways of living a home are her real strengths. In addition to a strong passion for art.