Relaxation, coziness, nature. This minimal style pool villa was designed to become an oasis of comfort and relaxation. AD Dal Pozzo designers were able to amplify the positive perceptions emanating from the place itself: a large, green area redesigned through the construction of a mimal white volume with a central patio and an outdoor pool.

The enhancement of white in minimal style

The garden villa presents a minimal style that does not overdo the finishes. Its essentiality conveys calmness and evokes a safe and peaceful place. Here the moments of beauty pass between color white and natural shades that create continuity and assonance with the surroundings.

The predominance of white color enhances the decorative elements and creates dense and always balanced contrasts. The clients’ requests went in this direction, wanting an elegant and functional rearrangement involving all the rooms of the villa, from the rooms to the kitchen to the large outdoor garden.

villa minimal progetto ad dal pozzo

Villa with garden and outdoor furniture

The interior is always related to the garden. The living, kitchen, and dining areas are the most closely connected to the outdoor: the eternal elegance of white is the background to the gray tones of the upholstered furniture and esternal flooring.

Different materials and shapes are united by the minimal style, combined with light and pastel tones. To furnish the outdoors, AD Dal Pozzo’s designers suggested black and white loungers and poufs. Simple lines and contrasts balance furnishings, materials and nature.

villa in stile minimal camera
villa in stile minimal bagno

Stefano Gallinaro

interior stefano ad dal pozzo

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