In an old villa near Vicenza, there is an old attic, which has radically changed the face. The villa is between the Colli Berici in the lands of Palladio. There are a few elements, and these are very sophisticated. There is free space from the superfluous. The sculptures and plants on the opposite side of the kitchen block, perfectly represent the poetic soul of the house. In the house, the only touch of color is the soft green of the windows. Pylons and beams have been painted white as the outer casing. The old dividing walls have been removed to show all the ancient structures.

The kitchen block is organized within the perimeter of the four central columns that support the roof. In front of the kitchen is the large dining table. On the sides of the kitchen block, there are living areas. On the north side (above) is the private part with the rooms and bathrooms. These rooms will be for the children. On the right is the master bedroom, the result of a previous enlargement – a logical organization of spaces for a marvelous house.