An ancient building dating back to the eighteenth century, a space on two levels, not easy to use because it develops in length around an internal courtyard. And with so many of the characteristics of the ancient structures that make it all the charm but that, when furnishing them, create some problems: for example, volumes with unusual shapes and angles that are almost never at 90 °. The starting point was to make the most of the internal courtyard, on which the entire ground floor looks through large openings, all existing. To do this, the idea of ​​the architects of AD Dal Pozzo was to create a neutral box in which to place modern and contemporary furnishings, to which even a few flashes of color could be entrusted. The courtyard, furnished with outdoor furniture, is in all respects an extension of the living area.

From the entrance you can see, through the courtyard, the dining room, which is at the opposite end of the plant. Only a light bookcase, which does not block the eye, divides the living room from the kitchen. The same goes for the staircase leading to the upper floor, redesigned in a key of maximum simplicity: the steps are supported by a very simple metal structure, the balustrade is in crystal to be invisible. Upstairs the rooms are more intimate. Here the play of materials creates different atmospheres: if on the ground floor, dedicated to the day, everything is very clear, even the floor, here the floors are in natural oak – which refers to the original ceiling beams and restored to new – or, for the bathroom, in thin stoneware in a relaxing dark gray. Choices that have created a minimal but warm atmosphere, thanks also to the use of antique woods (for the kitchen snack table and for the dining table) and of wallpaper that become like modern frescoes, bringing movement and effects materials on the surfaces of the walls. The linear kitchen has been custom made to allow you to make the most of the space; the absolute white of elements and back rests a nice contrast in the natural wood wall with shelves that distances it from the dining area. Where a Tibetan cupboard with bright decorations, purchased by the owners during a journey, brings an unexpected exotic touch.