A suite with a view of the Belpaese. An exclusive foot-à-terre designed by AD Dal Pozzo where everything is taken to the essentials and the interior design is studied in detail to make the most of every space, combining functionality and aesthetics in a perfect balance between beauty and comfort.

Living room design that combines water and fire

A bathtub in the middle of the room? Yes, it can be done, in a suite designed to spend moments of pure relaxation. In this case, the design becomes the perfect pleasure setting to bring together the two elements of water and fire, in the form of a tub and a fireplace. A mix of exclusivity and relaxation that makes the living room the center of well-being.

Both the fireplace and the tub are design elements chosen by AD Dal Pozzo Project Department for their innovation. The first one is integrated into the architecture and lives in perfect symbiosis with the wall, with its colors and finishes, giving the room a modern and dynamic look. While the green tub, positioned free standing in the middle of the room, attracts attention because of its new generation resin, durable, versatile, and able to attract with its play of light and transparency.


Open space with a view

The suite is one large living room designed for multiple settings to coexist. The bed has no wall curtains around it but uses the headboard to visually separate itself from the rest of the space. In its round shape, it fills the room with elegance and faces a large window that evokes a screen onto which the beautiful surrounding landscape is projected.

Completing the suite is an open attic space entirely dedicated to the walk-in closet, designed to be functional and well-organized. A wish space created not only to store clothing but to make them the protagonists. In this case the lighting is ad hoc, with integrated LEDs to make the clothes and accessories stand out, while in the rest of the house natural lighting is also very important. The continuous relationship with the outdoors is the real strength of the intervention, where thanks to a careful use of mirrors it is possible to enjoy the view from every point of the suite.

Cinzia Boffo

Interior designer with a natural gift in knowing how to read the practical and functional aspects of any kind of home. The contamination of different styles and the understanding of the different ways of living a home are her real strengths. In addition to a strong passion for design.