This project is a renovation of a villa built on the crest of a hill on Padua outskirts. With a harmonious architecture, this is an oasis of peace immersed in a large garden that discreetly separates the house from the city center. The villa has two floors: the living area over the entire upper level, while the lower level has the sleeping area. The living room has a large glass door with direct access to the garden, distributing a natural light source to the whole environment, enhancing the neutral colors of the kitchen. The targeted chromatic intervention, aimed at enlivening the environment through the introduction of yellow seats, allows the living area not to appear aseptic and distant.

The room, separated from the living room by a sliding door, is enriched by sofas, always in unison with the context they occupy: a stimulus to the relaxation for the few who access it.

The sleeping area is connected to the spacious living area by the deep staircase. This is an ideal link between the public and the private. Here there are two adjacent bedrooms where the balconies overlook the valley on the opposite side of the garden above. The view is unique and evocative. The master bedroom is elegant and measured with a beautiful canopy bed.