A marvellous villa with total white and wood furnishings, built on the Côte d’Azur, where the white walls stand out, giving softness to the rooms. A residence with essential and elegant spaces, made sophisticated and exclusive by the choices of the interior designers of AD Dal Pozzo, who have combined the formal cleanliness of the furnishings with the warmth of Hungarian herringbone parquet.

arredamento total white e legno per una villa con un tocco di blu

Classic style with light effects

The air one breathes inside the villa is one of elegant classicism. The interior design choices are oriented towards white furniture and natural wood: a minimal language, with cold tones, which act on the human eye by making the rooms appear larger. In this sense, the large amount of light entering through the glass openings also contributes to amplifying the space, while creating an animated play of light and dark.

The light reflects off the white architectural elements – the custom bookcase, the Flos lamps integrated in the walls, the decorative stuccoes and the total white kitchen – while it is captured by the furnishings in darker tones, such as the cupboards and the sofa in the living room. In the dining room, floor-to-ceiling ribbon windows allow for maximum lighting, emphasised by the thin profiles of the chairs and the see-through glass table. The result is an exciting environment where the tangible and intangible coexist in harmony.

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cucina total white arredamento bianco villa ad dal pozzo

Total white décor: how to warm up a white room

The design aims at stylistic purity with furniture elements in shades of grey and natural wood. In the total white furnishings with parquet flooring, then, a ‘disturbing element’ was added that contrasts with the chromatic order of the design, while enhancing itself and its surroundings. It is Cassina’s Bramante sideboard, in a lively electric colour, which becomes a pivotal element: attention cannot but converge on that bright and vivid surface, capable of captivating anyone who observes it and giving the villa a surprising touch of blue.

come scaldare un ambiente bianco e legno naturale

Roberta Professione

Interior Designer Roberta Professione AD Dal Pozzo

A competent interior designer with a unique and recognisable style. A refined and elegant taste that can be seen in each of his interventions, always in search of a harmony between places and the soul of their inhabitants, between tangible furniture and intangible atmosphere.