Beautiful, healthy, green. This is the new design by AD Dal Pozzo for the Velux Italia headquarters on the outskirts of Verona. A design and healthy environment that improves the quality of life. Not only thanks to the many windows produced by the company, but also thanks to the compositional and aesthetic choices made by the AD Dal Pozzo designers, in this case two women – Cinzia Boffo and Lisa Miotello.

Velux is a company committed to sustainability and a green philosophy. This is why they decided to renovate their Italian headquarters by redesigning all the interior spaces, from the lobby to the workstations, from the meeting rooms to the relaxation areas. Velux’s aim was to create a beautiful environment, capable of providing protection and comfort, bringing greenery and nature inside.


Minimalist open space

Freedom of space frees the mind. The designers at AD Dal Pozzo opted for a minimalist style, because eliminating the superfluous means finding concentration and improving productivity. Little clutter and lots of light characterise the open-plan offices. On the ground floor, a single piece of furniture is the centrepiece of the entrance: the iconic red Edra sofa, which echoes the colour of the Velux logo.

The focal point of the building is the central staircase, completely covered in wallpaper that resembles the plants in a greenhouse, around which the workstations are arranged in a large open space where the only dividers are white columns and some elegant vertical sound-absorbing panels that are only attached to the ceiling.

Nature and light inside

The green theme can be found throughout the headquarters. From the Vitra’s ergonomic chairs to the Velux curtains, from the wall finishes to the poufs on the ground floor. This is complemented by the presence of plants decorating the spaces between the desks, the lobby and the galleries on the first floor. Even the kitchen has wallpaper that resembles tiles painted with natural motifs such as ferns and swallows.

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Throughout the building, shades of green are illuminated by Davide Groppi’s iconic lamps, which are never mounted on the wall, but are always suspended or free-standing, thanks to the original sloping surfaces of the headquarters, which help to let in natural light and, on the first floor, turn a soft blue the closer they get to the sky.


Cinzia Boffo and Lisa Miotello

architetto lisa miotello

Cinzia is an interior designer with a natural gift in knowing how to read the practical and functional aspects of any kind of home. The contamination of different styles and the understanding of the different ways of living a home are her real strengths. In addition to a strong passion for art.

Lisa is an architect with a marked creativity. She combines contemporary aesthetic sense with a perfect knowledge of classical architecture. The result is a unique ability to successfully create and revitalize spaces in need of a concrete and fascinating style imprint.